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19 May 2009 @ 09:10 pm
Just found this and wondered if anybody had seen it before

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03 September 2007 @ 07:55 pm
I come to you with icons.
Credit is under second cut.

01x Cherry
02x Kristal
01x Melina
01x Mickie James
12x Victoria
08x Victoria and Melina

Raw Superstars
17x Randy Orton/Rated RKO
01x Bobby Lashley
01x Stone Cold

SmackDown Superstars
01x Matt Hardy

Grounded For Life (TV)
01x Brad
01x Season 1

My Wife And Kids
04x Season 1

01x Love
02x Papa Roach Lyrics


*Comments are wonderful
*Comment if taking
*Credit if used
*No Hotlinking
*Open for requestes


All HERE @ my LJ
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27 September 2006 @ 11:38 am
ok no longer neglecting this journal! Mickey is taking on the reigns from Trish, and will be womans champ again! w00t
I just found out that mickey is engaged to Kenny from the spirit squad. Yah, he's the tall lanky blonde one.
An image of Ken Doane  <3 An image of Mickie James hmmm yeah i dunno....i guess they make a cute-ish couple. There's a 7 year age gap between the two, with mickey - 27 and ken being 20. So any thoughts on this pairing?? 

will update weekly. Come join the club!! <3
01 February 2006 @ 11:58 am
monday night RAW

In a happier moment, Mickie James prepared a celebration for Trish Stratus on RAW. Mickie brought out the Spirit Squad to give Trish a cheer, and set up a cascade of balloons and confetti for her idol. As Trish tried to set the record straight, Ashley came out and told Mickie that Trish thought she was a psycho. A clearly hurt Mickie asked Trish if this was true, but before Trish could respond, Mickie got mad and left the ring. However, she would run back in and spear Ashley, triggering a catfight. Ashley ended up on top, but when Trish went to pull her off, Mickie seized the opportunity and nailed Ashley with a Mick Kick. Mickie then told Trish that she knew the Women’s Champion cared for her, and left ringside beaming as Trish tended to the fallen Ashley.

credit: wwe.com

has mickey finally cracked? will her insane devotion to trish get even more out of control? i guess we will have to wait and see...feel free to give ur opinions on what cud happen
31 January 2006 @ 06:50 pm
mickey pulled off another win on the royal rumble..

Heading into the Royal Rumble, some questioned whether Trish Stratus would be able to fairly officiate the match between Ashley and Mickie James. Prior to the match, Mickie told Trish that she loved her, catching Trish off guard and furthering the dilemma. In the end, Trish was impartial, and Mickie James was the one who walked out victorious.

Early in the bout, Ashley worked over Mickie’s arm, frustrating her to no end. As Ashley was pounding Mickie in the corner, Trish got physically involved, pulling her protégé off of James. While it was the correct thing to do according to the rulebook, it gave Mickie a chance to cheap shot Ashley and take control.

Mickie spent the majority of the match focusing on Ashley’s back and neck, at one point applying a brutal sitting variation of a bow and arrow. Ashley made a comeback, however, and pounded Mickie in the corner again. This time, Ashley shook off Trish’s attempt to separate them, nailing Mickie with a spear into the corner.

At this point, Ashley stood Mickie up in the corner, and climbed the ropes to pound her some more. Instead, Mickie grabbed Ashley, driving her hard into the mat with a vicious powerbomb. Trish seemed appalled, but was forced to count as Mickie made the cover. The powerbomb was enough for the three count, giving Mickie the victory. When the match was over, Mickie attempted to celebrate with her idol, but Trish pushed her away.

credit: wwe.com

my prediction? mickey will face trish again, becaome women's champ, and become enimies. lol
24 December 2005 @ 11:39 am
Hey everyone! Welcome to the first Mickey James fan community!! post anything about her here
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